daniel callahan

Your resume/portfolio should be sliceable by Conor Callahan

By Daniel Callahan

"'Cause, you know, I haven't updated [my resume] in a LONG time," my entirely qualified and marketable friend said to me the other day.

A LONG time. What does that mean? A week? Six months? The length of time it takes for a potato to turn into the soupy mess I cleaned out of my cupboard the other day?

My friend is prepping for a series of interviews that will hopefully land him in a much more profitable position with a much larger company. I'm happy for him and want him to land the job, but the conversation regarding having materials ready for review by an employer brought me up short.

If you're describing the length of time since you updated the grand ol' listing of your credentials in another longer than a month, you're doing it wrong. Regardless of the industry, regardless of your specialization, you should be keeping your resume and portfolio as up to date as possible ALL THE TIME. You never know when someone is going to call and want to see what you have to offer by EOD and you've got to be ready.

Your portfolio/resume/CV/whatever-it-is-you-want-to-call-it is a work in progress. Over the span of your career it will change dramatically. But if you're only updating it sporadically, you're going to miss including accomplishments, fantastic examples of work and the rest. Keep it ready to fly out the door this very minute.