Rock & Roll Kids! Project from Grady Reese by Conor Callahan

Photographer: Grady Reese

Stylist: Jamie Scott

Hair/Make-up: Fatima Olive

Producer: Conor Callahan

Talent: Agency Models & Talent

New work from Jim Henderson by Conor Callahan

New work from Jim Henderson for a client out west.  

In Jim's words:

"Here's a South Dakota company founded on the mission of restoring the prairie grassland eco-system by raising and harvesting buffalo in the humane and natural way they were meant to be. I'm proud to have been able to shoot the imagery and help design their new website that just went live today. I hope you'll check it out and share the fascinating story of this very cool company Wild Idea Buffalo 
A ton of thanks to John Karlson for bringing me in on this project. It was incredible!"