Earn You Eccentricities / by Conor Callahan

By Daniel Callahan

You've been in the business a bit and while work is coming your way, you're looking for that one little difference that will help you stick out from the crowd. You think, “Hmm, maybe if I have some unusual style in my appearance, then they'll really remember me.”

You're right. They will remember you, but for none of the right reasons.

When Jayson Blair was finally found out to be the fabricating talentless hack that he was, the New York Times ran a column in which, among other things, was stated (and I'm paraphrasing): We should have known better, he didn't earn the eccentricities he displayed in his dress and habits.

Look, you're a creative and all creatives are by definition a little different. It's tough to think inside the box and still find that next

edgy idea. But it should be your work that shows that creativity, not your hairstyle. Remember, for all that you're being paid to think creatively and produce dynamic results, you're still being paid, which means you're a professional. Don't forget to act like one.

Are you ten years into the game? Is your name well known in your business community? Has your work stood on its own credentials for so long that you no longer need to worry too much about find that next job? Really, are you sure (think hard)? OK, then the paisley and plaid bow tie or funky shoes or far-too-particular glasses will fly. Answer no to any of those questions? Don't even try.