Jim Henderson's Trip to Zion by Diana Scanlon

Jim Henderson and his wife rented a tiny red house 25 miles west of Zion. It was off the grid and ran on solar propane. The views were amazing. 

They traveled to Bryce Canyon one day and Coral Sands State Park another. Bryce has an amazing trail through the red rocks and pine trees and Coral Sands has miles of sand dunes. They spent a total of 3 days visiting Zion Park.

The highlight of the trip was hiking 8 hours in the Narrows Canyon in Zion which was pretty spectacular. You are walking in water pretty much the entire time from ankle deep to waist deep but really fun and beautiful. Canyon walls rise over a 1000 feet on either side. However, you do NOT want to be in there if it’s raining-flash flood no fun.

Check out Jim's beautiful photos from his trip!

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Food Lion "Great Pantry Makeover" 2016 by Conor Callahan

By Conor Callahan

  For the second year in a row, our team (Micah Kvidt shooting motion, Jules Ameel shooting stills & Conor Callahan producing) had the pleasure of working with Food Lion documenting their Great Pantry Makeover initiative. Historically, it is one of the more rewarding projects our group has the pleasure of working on and this year was no different.  It becomes apparent very quickly (on this month long project) how honestly and truly Food Lion associates care about the people and the communities they are working to improve. 

  The video below is our month-long recap of Food Lion's effort.